DG Screenshots

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The screenshots on this page document the development of the game, and do not represent the finished product.

To view development pictures of the OpenGL widget set, click here.


Here's a top-down view of the dungeon back when I still wanted to do 3rd-person perspective. The yellow thing in the foreground is your character. The lighting in this shot is sector-based, like DOOM.


Here is the first working shot of my lightmapper in action. This is a small room with the lightmap applied to its surfaces. The light model is a non-realistic linear falloff, but it is a decent approximation.


This is the same room as above, with surface textures applied.


Here is a small shot demonstrating the potentially-visible-sets engine in action. The filled areas represent the sectors which are potentially visible to the player. The wireframe areas are areas which cannot be seen, and are therefore culled before drawing. The floor is a red checkerboard and the walls are a green checkerboard.


Here is a shot of a room in the dungeon with the new RGB lightmapper in action. Sorry it's so dark.


Here is the same scene as above, without the textures.


Here is the first view of the in-game automap, displayed on top of the 1st-person view of the dungeon.


Here is a shot of the MD2 model renderer. The models displayed are the Perelith Knight on the left and Hueteotl on the right. Perelith Knight was created by James Green, and Hueteotl by Evil Bastard (Brian Collins).


Here is a third-person view of the player on a narrow staircase which descends over a lava pit.


In this shot the player approaches the magic key on a pedestal.


Here the player stands near the pillars at the end of the first map. Behind him, a staircase leads down into the darkness of the next level of the dungeon.

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